Dermaji Awaken Village Civilization through the Naladipa Museum Innovation

The Naladipa Museum is an innovation of Dermaji’s Government to develop a knowledge management approach base of the village. The museum is a medium to learning and character building of the village community.

The Museum was founded on June 17, 2013. The museum room is locating in the Village Official Hall area. It contains a collection of agricultural equipment in the past, ancient objects, and almost extinct household items.

People appreciated with enthusiast, they visited the museum with their children. The parents explained the usefulness of the collections in the museum. They also donated the family’s ancient collection into a museum collection.

Museum collects a variety of the village’s heritage, both tangible heritage and intangible. Tangible heritage collections such as agricultural equipment, kitchen equipment, ancient lighting, and weapons of rural communities. Meanwhile, intangible heritage collections such as local knowledge, stories of people, traditions, and other community skills.

The Dermaji community can learn how to live and develop the community through museum collections.

The Dermaji Government uses information technology to manage the museum. There is a barcode in each collection that is connected to the online knowledge management system. Besides visiting in person, visitors can access the museum’s collection via the internet.

The Naladipa Museum also has library facilities. The library provides a variety of collections and learning media. The Dermaji government wants to connect local wisdom and tradition of learning is the basic capital to build the village’s future.

The museum is also a medium for student learning to recognize the traditions and ways of life of rural communities. Students explore the values contained in museum collections. The local wisdom value makes children not leave their traditional roots as the original character of the nation.

In the future, innovation is applied in the other villages. Factually, every kampong has knowledge and artifacts that show how people survive and grow. Village museums, such as the Naladipa Museum, are a medium for connecting information from one generation to the next.

The success of the Naladipa Museum is inseparable from the support of the Gedhe Nusantara. The NGO is actively campaigning for good and clean governance, including information technology support and knowledge management in rural areas.

Don’t forget, let’s go visit the museum!