Karangnangka Mapping the Potential of Creative Industries for the Development of Tourism Villages

Since 2009, the creative economy has developed into a sector that plays an important role in the national economy. Bank Indonesia (2015) shows the creative industry sector contributed Rp 642 trillion or 7.05 percent of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Indonesia.

The village is a new actor that is expected to enhance the creative industry development in Indonesia. The Villages have a variety of potentials and resources that can be processed into high-quality products.

In the village, there are a variety of creative products, such as crafts, tourism, performing arts, culinary, music, and cinema. They are growing rapidly. This indicates that the growth of creative industries in rural areas is increasing.

Karangnangka is located in Kedungbanteng District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java. Karangnangka is known as Minatani Village, a term for a village where most of its residents work as farmers and aquaculture.

Now, Karangnangka is campaigning for an integrated farming model so that all agricultural activities become mutually supportive in a production cycle. For example, livestock waste is beneficial for crop fertilizer and aquaculture.

The Banjaran River plays an important role in developing agriculture in Karangnangka. The river, which originates from Mount Slamet, always supplies water in agricultural areas throughout the year.

The contours of the winding Banjaran river is a very beautiful natural landscape. Therefore, Karangnangka has a lot of village potential to develop a tourism village program.

Karangnangka has several tourist destinations that are very famous in domestic tourists, such as the Banjaran Dam. A building that supports the irrigation system in the era of colonialism. The Banjaran Dam was a silent witness to the implementation of the Ethical Political Program in that era.

Every weekend, many tourists visit the Banjaran Dam for leisure, fishing, swimming, and family gatherings. Tourism potential is an important factor for growing creative industries in Karangnangka.

Then, the village government mapped the creative potential in the village area to make creative industry development policies. The policy is a reference for the formulation of a blueprint for developing economic programs in the village, especially community empowerment.

Gedhe Nusantara supports the above innovation through the program of creative industry potential mapping based on the village. This activity produced a document of the village tourism blueprint. The document is a reference for the village government to make appropriate policies. (yos)

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