Gampong Cot Baroh Promotes Village’s Potential Through the Internet

Gampong Cot Baroh is located in Glumpang Tiga District, Pidie Regency, Aceh. The distance of the village from the regency capital is very far. Exactly, the location of gampong is on the border of Pidie Jaya Regency.

In 2013, some young people from Cot Baroh were inspired by the innovation of Melung Village in Central Java, which was published on television. They are motivated to emulate the innovation of Desa Melung which uses the internet to promote the potential and products of the village.

Cot Baroh needs internet technology support to reorganize village life and development. At that time, Cot Baroh was in the eighth year of the peace agreement in Aceh. The condition of the village is very minimal in terms of facilities, both physical infrastructure and the community’s economy.

During the conflict period in Aceh, all village infrastructure was in ruins. Not surprisingly, Cot Baroh is a backward village compared to other villages in Indonesia.

To promote activities and potential gampong, several Cot Baroh youth use a variety of information media on the internet, likely via Facebook, Blogspot, and the web via https://gampongcotbaroh.desa.id. Gampong Cot Baroh gets free web support through Program of 1.000 Free Website from Gedhe Nusantara.

The Cot Baroh youths are moving with enthusiasm. Funding for activities is fulfilled independently, without financial support from the village government. Gampong government conditions are still under-development conditions, they don’t have a village office or computer support.

Although without budget support from the gampong government, there is no office, computer, but the youth are able to consistently manage the official social media and website of Gampong Cot Baroh by actively voicing the condition of the village. They use their computers for managing web content, social media, and video conferencing.

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