About Us

Oemah Inovasi is a Gedhe Nusantara’s initiative to collect, record, and distribute various innovation practices from Indonesia. Oemah Inovasi is a knowledge management support from grassroots communities to support community empowerment activities.

We collect stories and documents on the application of innovation in rural areas. We hope that good practices can be used as reference material for social workers in planning massive social change.

We hope you join this program by sharing and sending articles, photos, and videos that contain innovative practices in your area. Let’s make a change!

Work Teams

Yossy Suparyo. He is known as a knowledge management worker, popular education, social enterprise, mechanic, and open-source software enthusiast. He studied at Mechanical Engineering at Yogyakarta State University and Library and Information Science at Yogyakarta State Islamic University. Now, he is Gedhe Nusantara activist. E-mail: yossysuparyo@gedhe.or.id

Sutardjo PS. He is known as a rural empowerment facilitator. He has an interest in designing workshops and training, online learning programs, information technology, and developing people’s economy. Studied at Bogor Agricultural University. Now, he is an expert person on Gedhe Nusantara. E-mail: sutardjomerdeka@gmail.com